School Programs

Program Benefits

Reduce Leverage Selling your contracts is a means of quickly converting your receivables to cash. It may be more advantageous to sell your receivables at a discount then to use your operating line of credit and add debt to your balance sheet. Or you may want to raise cash for expansion without incurring additional debt.
Higher Return on Originations Servicing loans isn’t an easy business. It is hard work to get borrowers to repay their debts. Collecting loan payments is our core business and we’ve spent years refining our collection methods. With Service to Sell, you can maximize your chances of receiving more borrower payments which will enable you to sell your marginal contracts at the highest possible prices.
Marginal Profit and Revenue Do you have classes which can accommodate additional students? It is usually advantageous to increase class size until the marginal profit per student decreases to $0. You may make less revenue per student using tuition financing, but as long as marginal profit is greater than $0, you will make more money than if you didn't use private financing.

Loan Purchasing

Atlas will consider all originations, provided each installment contract has the following terms:

Term 24-48 Months
Maximum Loan Amount $7,500
Minimum Loan Amount $2,500
Interest Rate 18%-19%
Prepayment Penalty None


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