About Us

Atlas Financial Group has partnered with trucking schools throughout the United States since 2005 to provide student financing. Atlas works with Truck Schools to establish loan programs which assist them in increasing class sizes by increasing their pool of eligible students. Typically, Atlas provides financing to students who cannot obtain loans through government student loan programs or traditional lenders.

Our mission is simple:

  • Maximize client payouts. Our goal is to pay the highest possible amount for each contract. We assist our clients in collecting all pertinent information that enables their borrowers the best chance of scoring higher ratings, that leads to higher contract payouts to our clients.

  • Minimize purchase period. By working closely with our clients through our state of the art IT system, we ensure that all check list items are completed so each contract can be purchase as quickly as possible.

  • Minimize client effort. Time is money and we are constantly working to reduce the amount of work our clients perform to monetize their contracts. From automated document preparation to electronic signatures, we strive to simplify the loan purchasing process.

If you are looking for a partner to help you offer financing to your students, please call: (916) 660-0733



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